Move-In Assistance

Students who move in on Sunday, August 21 will be greeted by our wonderful move-in crew of staff and student volunteers. While the students proceeds to Wade Commons to check-in, volunteers will meet your parents curbside to help you unload your vehicle into our large carts and small flatbed vehicles. Once your belongings are moved to your residence hall, our student volunteers from Greek organizations will help you move your belongings to your room.

In order to make this a smooth process for you, please follow these guidelines when preparing to move to campus:

  • Pack the majority of items in boxes or storage containers. Larger loose items are ok. Small loose items or loose clothes are more difficult to transport.
  • Label your boxes and items with your name, building and room number. This will help the volunteers deliver your items to the correct room.
  • If it looks like we will have inclement weather (rain), please pack your larger items appropriately. A water-filled computer is not a good way to start the semester!