Parking Lots Open During Spring Move-In

Residential parking lots will be open for your use during our move-in days, January 10-15. Students are expected to have purchased their parking permits by the first day of classes. Ticketing in the lots below will begin on the first day of classes, January 16.

Lot 46

North Residential Village Garage on E. 118 Street.

Lot 44 (across from Fribley Commons)

Parking lot near Murray Hill Complex (Alumni, Howe, Tippit, Staley) and bottom of the hill Greek houses

Lot 57

Parking lots near Carlton Road Complex (Kusch, Michelson, Glaser) and Top of the Hill Greek houses.

Parking spots will be identified in Lot 57 behind Kusch, Michelson and Glaser as 20-minute unloading zones. Please move your car to another spot once you have finished unloading.

Triangle Apartment Parking

Students moving into the Triangle apartments can park in the lot adjacent to the Triangle apartments. Access to the parking lot is off of Mayfield Road. Parking is available the day you move-in in the surface lot for one free hour. You will need to obtain your parking permit for either the Triangle apartment garage or Lot 46 garage from Access Services. Parking in the Triangle garage is limited.