Summer Research Application Directions for NIDDK T35 Medical Student Research Program (MSSRP)

The MSSRP is an opportunity for students to perform 8 weeks of summer research (can be M1 summer or M2 summer) focused on the NIDDK mission to support basic, translational, and clinical research across a broad spectrum of research topics and serious, chronic diseases and conditions related to the Institute's mission. The research areas are focused on Diabetes, Digestive disease and Nutrition, Endocrine Disease and Metabolic Disease, Hematologic disease, Kidney Disease, and Liver Disease.  

The MSSRP includes 15 hrs. classroom instruction on Responsible Conduct of Research, a 3-day-short course on NIDDK-focused research methods and advanced techniques and weekly summer journal clubs. The stipend will be $3,896 for the 12 weeks of research. Click here for due dates and more information.  

To apply, fill out the Google form.

Finding A Project 

Projects are available at University Hospitals, MetroHealth, VA, Cleveland Clinic Foundation as well as outside of Cleveland.

Please be aware that, depending on the timing of when you look at this, some of the projects may have already been filled. If that is the case, we suggest that you ask the faculty member if there are any similar projects in his or her department that would be available. The list is sortable by clicking on the title of the column you want to sort by, and fully searchable. You can use your browser's print function to print out whatever's showing on your screen at that time. Please click here to view all research opportunities. 

Note: Titles are sorted alphabetically.

Adding A Project

Please see below instructions for adding a project to mentor match.com.  

1. Click create a Project.

2. Enter the Title of the Project.

3. Enter Primary Advisor: Who is over the project.

4. Select Area: Select the interest from the drop down menu.

5. Email: Email address of the person that can answer questions about the project.

6. Project Keywords: Enter Words (separated by comma) that makes your project more searchable. 

7. Project Description: A short description of the project, who can apply etc. 

8. Start Date: The date applications will begin to be accepted. 

9. End Date: The last day applications are being accepted. 

10. URL: Website with details about the project or your department.

11. Select Type: Is this project a year-long, summer, longitudinal, or other  

12. Click Submit Project: This submits your project. 

13. Click View Projects:  You can view your project and all other opportunities.