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Summer Research Application Directions for NIDDK T35 Medical Student Research Program (MSSRP)

The MSSRP is an opportunity for students to perform 8 weeks of summer research (can be M1 summer or M2 summer) focused on the NIDDK mission to support basic, translational, and clinical research across a broad spectrum of research topics and serious, chronic diseases and conditions related to the Institute's mission. The research areas are focused on Diabetes, Digestive disease and Nutrition, Endocrine Disease and Metabolic Disease, Hematologic disease, Kidney Disease, and Liver Disease.  

The MSSRP includes 15 hrs. classroom instruction on Responsible Conduct of Research, a 3-day-short course on NIDDK-focused research methods and advanced techniques and weekly summer journal clubs. The stipend will be $3,896 for the 8 weeks of research. Click here for due dates and more information.  

To apply, fill out the Google form.

Summer Research Elective

Students who are doing summer research this year will now have the opportunity to have the activity recorded on their transcript. The elective, Summer Research Elective, will be posted on the transcript as a zero-credit course. In order to have the elective posted on your transcript, please fill out this Google form. At the end of the summer, the Office of Medical Student Research (OMSR) will confirm that research was completed and send a final grade to the registrar (either Achieves or Exceeds Expectations or Unsatisfactory). 

The student will work closely with a mentor to perform basic science, clinical or translational research for an 8 week period usually between M1 and M2 years. At the conclusion of your Summer Research, it will be recorded on your transcripts for 0 credits. At the end of the summer research, the students will submit a 1-2 page summary. The summary will include: the title of the project, goal/objective or hypothesis tested, methods used and discussion of data analysis and conclusions of the study. The MSRO will review and grade each summary and provide a list of students to the registrar that have successfully completed the summer research elective and met expectations.

Summer Research Fellowships

These fellowships are offered through the Office of Medical Student Research (OMSR) to first-year students in the University Program. These fellowships support any meritorious research (Clinical or Basic Science Research) in any area at an accredited institution, here or abroad. Below are other research opportunities that may be of interest to you. 

Opportunity Area of Interest # of Students Deadline Contact
AATS Summer Intern Scholarship in Cardiothoracic Surgery Cardiothoracic M1 or M2 medical students 12/1/2021 AATS Summer Intern Scholarship Details 
American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry (AACAP) The Jeanne Spurlock Minority Medical Student Research Fellowship Substance Abuse and Addiction Minority Medical Students  TBD AACAP Jeanne Spurlock
Research Fellowship details
American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry (AACAP) Summer Medical Student Fellowship Child and Adolescent Psychiatry   TBD AACAP Summer Medical
Student Fellowship details
AUA Urology Care Foundation Summer Medical Student Fellowship  Urology

Five awards are specifically available only to applicants from racial/ethnic groups underrepresented in research.

Please contact grantsmanager@auanet.org for more information.


5 p.m. (ET)

For more details click here
Association of Academic Physiatrists -  Rehabilitation Research Experience for Medical Students (RREMS) PM&R   TBD  For more details and application deadline updates click here.
Autism Research Graduate Research Grant Competition Autism    02/07/2022 For details click here
Case Comprehensive Cancer Center Summer Research Training Cancer 8-10

Midnight EST Sunday,


For more details click here or email  cancer-training@case.edu


Case Scholars Collaboration in Teaching and Learning Medical Education    October 31, 2021 at 11:59 EST For details and application click here
Cincinnati Children's - Summer Medical Student Respiratory Research Fellowship (SMURRF) Pediatric Pulmonary-Clinical and Basic Science Research   TBD For details and application details click here
ENGAGE (The National Center for Regenerative Medicine)  Cancer  4-5


For more details click here or email: ncrm@case.edu

FASPE Medical Fellowship  Ethics and Ethics Leadership    1/2/2022 at 11:59pm EDT For more details click here
Fullbright Program All Specialties/International   Mid September  the year before For more details click here or email Lynmarie.hamel@case.edu
SAGES (Gastrointestinal and Endoscopic Surgeons) GI 2




For more details research@sages.org 

Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine -  Summer Externship  Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation  M1-M2 Medical Students

Opens: 11/29/2021

Closes:  01/03/2022

For detail information click here.
NMSS (National Multiple Sclerosis Society) MS Research  1 Applications for 2020 open 11/2019 MS Clinical Mentorship
for Medical Students

Dean's Summer Research Award Clinical/Basic Science/Translational ~25 02/07/2022 MedStudentResearch@case.edu
Crile Fellowship Surgery 8 02/07/2022 MedStudentResearch@case.edu
Hearst Fellowship Public Health and Policy 4 02/07/2022 MedStudentResearch@case.edu
Hospital for Special Surgery :Medical Student Summer Research Fellowship Orthopaedic basic science, translational science, and clinical research in orthopaedics 16 1/15/2022 For details please email Karla Felix, PhD, Director of GME Curriculum and Evaluation, at felixk@hss.edu or click here
Arnold/Seitz Fellowship Pediatric Otolaryngology 10 02/07/2022 MedStudentResearch@case.edu
Center for Aids Research (CFAR) Basic science/clinical 8 4/20/2021 See potential mentors
Association of Academic PM&R Summer Clinical Externship (MSSCE)   Applications for 2020 open 11/2021 Medical Student Summer Clinical Externship
Amy Schnappinger
Association of Academic PM&R  Rehabilitation Research (RREMS) (rising M2's summer program)   Applications for 2020 open 11/2021 Rehabilitation Research
Experience for Medical Students

Amy Schnappinger
The Neurosurgery Research & Education Foundation (NREF) Neurosurgery 20 2/01/22 at 11:59 PM (Central Standard Time Deadlines and Application Instructions
ASTRO Minority Summer Oncology Fellowship Radiation Oncology  

Fellowship Application Due:1/7/2022 at 11:59 ET

Grant Application due: 2/11/22 at 11:59 ET

Deadlines and Application Instructions
Organization for Autism Research Autism   2/01/2021  
University of Texas at Austin - Value-Based Health Care Summer Research Internship Surgery and Perioperative Care   1/10/2022

Click here for detailed program information 

Contact Lauren Uhler for direct questions

Medical Student Anesthesia Research Fellowship  Anesthesia   01/31/2022 For More Details Click here
Memorial Sloan Kettering (MSK) Summer Fellowship  Oncology and/or related Biomedical Sciences  

Applications for 2022 Fellowship will open 11/1/2021

Closes: 1/3/2022 at 11:59 PM EST

For details click here
NAMDC Gateway to Mitochondrial Medical Fellowship 

Genetics (mitochondrial)

Note - must work with one of the 9 NAMDC core training sites: University of California San Diego (Dr. Richard Haas), Columbia University Medical Center (Dr. Michio Hirano), The University of Washington (Dr. Russ Saneto), McMaster University (Dr. Mark Tarnopolsky), The Cleveland Clinic and Case Reserve University

  11/01/2021 For More Details Click here
NIDDK Medical Student Research Program for Diabetes Endocrinology   01/25/2022 For More Details Click here or email jessica.kimber@vumc.org
Department of Physiology and Biophysics Basic science/clinical 4 4/20/2021  
NIDDK T35 Digestive & Liver Disease, Diabetes, Metabolism & Nutrition, Kidney Diseases, Digestive, Liver, & Kidney Imaging ~10 2/21/2021 Rachael Murphy
Allegheny Summer Internship Program  Independent Research Projects   TBD Educational and research
opportunities for students
NIDDK New York Summer Fellowship Diabetes, Digestive Disorders, and Kidney Diseases 1 per project TBD MD Student Honors Program
J. William Kohl, M.D. Summer Scholarship for Medical Students Vision Sciences   TBD For details click here
NREF Medical Student Summer Research Fellowship Neurosurgery   02/01/2022 For More Details Click here
Scholars in Ophthalmology Program at Mass Eye and Ear and Harvard Medical School Opthalmology  first-year medical students from underrepresented and disadvantaged groups 01/15/2022 For more details click here
SIR Summer Medical Internship Program  Interventional Radiology   01/15/2022 For More Details Click here
St Jude Children's Research Hospital - Pediatric Oncology Education (POE) Program biomedical sciences, medicine, nursing, pharmacy, psychology, or public health  

Application Open:  11/1/2021

Closes: Mid December  2021

For More Details Click here
John Hopkins Children;s Center -  Silberstein Pediatric Orthopaedics Research Fellowship Orthopaedic Surgery  Students completing their first year of medical school 03/04/2022 5p.m. EST To view the brochure click here. For detailed information and application click here.
The Ray A. and Robert L. Kroc Summer Research Fellowship Diabetes and endocrine-related diseases ~2 TBD

Vincent Monnier, MD

Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center's Summer Research Program  Cancer  First Year Medical Students   01/31/2022 For More Details Click here
University of Michigan -Leadership Exposure for the Advancement of Gender and Underrepresented Minority Equity in Surgery (LEAGUES) Fellowship Healthcare outcomes and policy, and trainee level advocacy for the medical rights of marginalized communities. 4 Medical students between Y1 and Y2 of medical school TBD  For More Details Click here

Year Out Research Opportunities  

Opportunity Area of Interest Deadline Contact
Benjamin Fox Orthopedic Research Award  Orthopedic 12/01/2021 For more information please click here
Harvard/MGH Research Fellowship -Orthopaedics Sports Medicine and Joint Reconstruction Orthopaedic Sports Medicine and Joint Reconstruction        12/15/2021 Click here for detailed program information.
University of Texas at Austin -  Orthopaedic Value-Based Health Care Fellowship Orthopaedic 1/10/2022

Click here for detailed program information 

Contact Lauren Uhler for direct questions

Sarnoff Fellowship Cardiology 1/12/2022 Click here for detailed program information
NIH Medical Research Scholars Program (MSRP) Basic Science/
 5pm EST,  1/09/2022 Click here for overview and Flyer more information. 
AOA Carolyn Kuckien Student Research Award Basic Science/
1/09/2022 Checklist for submission
University of California Leadership and Innovation Training (LIFT) Program  Urology 1/1/2022 Apply Now
Cole Eye Institute  Ophthalmology OPEN drrishisingh@gmail.com

Other Research Opportunities

These opportunities are not specific to summer or year-out research. 

Opportunity Area of Interest/Project Description Number of Students Project Estimated Time/Due Date Contact
Neurosciences Various Opportunities      
Research Dr. John M Nakayama in UH OB/GYN has a research opportunity open for medical students. The student will perform data collection. Dr. Nakayama has an IRB exemption and statistician on board.    ~ 20 hrs John Nakayama, MD
The Center for AIDS Research (CFAR) - STAR (Student Training in AIDS Research) AIDS Research and (STAR) Student Training in AIDS Research    Open Brinn Omabegho