Elective Policy

Electives cannot be taken for credit simultaneously with or interfere with activities during the pre-clerkship phase, core clinical rotations, Acting Internships, or Research Block but may be recorded on the transcript for zero credits if successfully completed. 

Clinical electives taken in combination with core clinical rotations, Acting Internships or other clinical electives must not result in a conflict with the Duty Hour Policy. 

Criteria for Electives 

Electives that meet the criteria described below will be eligible to appear on the transcript. 

  • Nature of Elective - Content and experience must support student development of knowledge, skills and/or attitudes central to the goals of the medical education curriculum. 
  • Oversight – Must be sponsored by a CWRU faculty member
  • Time – Minimum contact time and/or documented effort is 30 hours total hours per week of credit (i.e., 60 hours for 2 weeks of credit) 
  • Attendance – Must have an attendance policy, e.g., required attendance at 80% of sessions (or completion of 100% of online modules) or following standard curriculum attendance policies 
  • Goals and Objectives - Must have overall goals and objectives. The goals of the elective should map to the School of Medicine curriculum competencies. 
  • Assessment - Students must successfully complete the requirements of the elective. The elective title and grade will appear on the transcript. All grades must be submitted by the responsible faculty member to the registrar’s office within two weeks of completion of the elective.

Process Approval and Listing of Electives 

All elective proposals should be submitted electronically on the Elective Proposal Form to the Registrar’s office and then routed to the Associate Dean for Curriculum for approval. Working in consultation with members of the curriculum team, the Associate Dean will determine if the elective proposal meets minimum criteria for an elective. If approved, the Registrar will add the new elective to the approved list of electives. 

Credit Successfully completed electives will be recorded on the transcript for zero credits, 2-weeks of credit or 4- weeks of credit. Elective description/application must indicate whether or not the elective is eligible for clinical credit. 

Advertising Electives Approved electives will be listed with and advertised through the Registrar’s office. Student Registration for Electives Students registering for credit must register for the elective through the Registrar’s office. Students registering for zero credits must register with the course sponsor. Submission/Collection of Student Grades For all students who have registered for an elective for credit, the Registrar’s office will solicit grades per their usual procedures. For all students who have registered for an elective for zero credits, AE (pass) grades must be submitted to the Registrar’s office by the course sponsor.

Approved by CME 10/22/15