We want to hear from you! There is so much going on at the School of Medicine, and we want to help you spread the word.

What Can We Help You With?

Publishing Your Honors 

We want to celebrate with you, and we do that by sharing your good news with both internal and external communities. If you've recently been accepted for publication, earned a grant, or been awarded a prestigious honor that you'd like the School to know about, let us and fill out this form

What do we do with this information, you ask? To start, we can publish in our Brief newsletter, consider news for press releases and share them on our Honors + Awards page.

Posting to SOM Digital Screens, Calendars and Social Media

We want to make you part of the conversation! Submit to this form!

Each entry for consideration on our plasma screens, calendars, or social media channels will be evaluated before posting and should be submitted at least 3 weeks in advance of your deadline to make certain we have time to review your submission, create the slides and/or calendar events, and give them time to run. We cannot guarantee that anything submitted inside the three-week window will be used. In addition, we may choose not to run submissions.

Plasma screen kiosks are located in the BRB, Wolstein and outside the Health Sciences Library; the SOM calendar is located on the SOM homepage and, in addition, selected events are highlighted in Brief. If you would like only a calendar event without an accompanying slide, you can indicate that on the form.

And don’t forget photos! Images or videos, especially for social media, really extend the reach and engagement of your news, no matter the outlet, so include those with your submission as you can.

Updating or Creating Marketing Materials, or Publications

For more information on creating or updating marketing materials or publications, please submit your ideas and materials to the SOM Submission Form

Updating or Building SOM Websites

The School of Medicine is in an exciting phase of website transition with the university's new content management system, Drupal. For more information on how we can help with websites, please visit our Website Management page.