Unlisted Electives

Unlisted electives are generally clinical electives not listed in the on-line course catalog and can take place anywhere in the domestic U.S. including unlisted electives at CWRU affiliated hospitals. While an unlisted elective can also be considered an away rotation, senior students should not use the Unlisted Elective Form to register for rotations outside of the domestic U.S. See scheduling information for more details about how to register for international rotations.

Effective October 12, 2023, students will only receive AI credit for away rotations if the course is explicitly designated as an Acting Internship or Sub-internship in the course title or course description by the host institution. 

Instructions for Scheduling Unlisted Electives

  1. Students can also pre-arrange a clinical elective at an affiliated hospital or an away location that is not listed in the Course Catalog. Electives not listed in the Course Catalog cannot be submitted through the Electives Request Site. Instead, after an unlisted elective (UNEL) has been confirmed by the host institution, students must submit a completed Unlisted Elective Form with supporting documents to your Society Dean for review and signature. The completed form should be submitted at least 30 days prior to the proposed start date. CCLCM students will use SRS to submit the “Unlisted Elective Form”.
  2. When submitting the Unlisted Elective Form be sure to sign it and attach the required supporting documents before submitting to your Society Dean. Your Society Dean will review and sign the form and it will then be sent to the School of Medicine Registrar's Office for processing. Submit one complete request with the full course description (directly from the host institution) and written confirmation from the host sponsor for the scheduled period. CCLCM students will use SRS to submit the “Unlisted Electives Form”. Some host facilities may inform students that an affiliation agreement is required. In such instance, please contact the School of Medicine Registrar’s Office for assistance and allow at least 3 months for legal review and approval.
  3. Students must use the Clinical Assessment System (CAS) throughout all clinical rotations. See Using the Clinical Assessment System for full instructions. The rotation will be available to add into CAS 24-hours after you are enrolled through the School Of Medicine Registrar. Students must manually add the Unlisted Elective rotation in CAS, it will not automatically appear. In cases where a host institution requires the use of their own End Of Rotation Assessment Form, the completed form must be forwarded to the School Of Medicine Registrar to add the final grade.

Please note: Students must notify visitingstudent@metrohealth.org when any Unlisted Elective has been confirmed at MetroHealth Medical Center. Students must notify Andrea Beyer when any Unlisted Elective has been confirmed at the Cleveland Clinic. Students must notify Regina Wells when any Unlisted Elective has been confirmed at University Hospitals. This must be done at least 2 weeks prior to the start of the rotation regardless if you have rotated at either location previously.