Using the Clinical Assessment System

Please note!

Students must add all clinical electives in the Clinical Assessment System (unless noted otherwise in the course catalog) at the beginning of the rotation and start logging patient experiences to receive academic credit for the rotation. The end of rotation process cannot be triggered without the student adding the elective and completing a patient log.

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Before and During Your Clinical Rotation

Students are expected to log all patients for whom they have engaged in direct clinical or surgical care. To add a rotation, start a patient log. If there is no current rotation there will be an Update button to enter the current elective by selecting "Elective" in the drop-down menu.

Students are expected to send at least one request for assessment to each of the supervising faculty and residents they work with during their clinical elective. This request for assessment should be based on one or more patient logs.

Troubleshooting CAS

To add an assessor name, use the link provided in the email which is sent when you enter the rotation in CAS. If the assessor is in the system the information will pre-populate as you begin typing the name.

If the elective does not appear in CAS or if the assessor name does not appear, email the Registrar's Office or call 216.368.6137.

Even if a department tells you that you do not need CAS, you do! Add the rotation and start your 
patient log at the beginning of the rotation.

Full CAS instructions for Students

Full CAS instructions for Faculty


Core clerkships and clinical electives are graded Honors, Commendable, Satisfactory, Unsatisfactory, or AE (Achieves or Exceeds competencies).

At the End of Your Clinical Rotation

At the end-of-the rotation (EOR), students may be able to request an EOR assessment for some electives one week after the rotation ends. For other electives, CAS will send an automatic email to designated faculty. Department and hospital coordinators also have the ability to send EOR links in CAS. For technical support and inquiries, please email the Cleveland Clinic or the School of Medicine Registrar’s office. Please read the information below for the important details.

How to request an EOR in CAS:

  1. Students may want to request assessments that are not based on a specific encounter. There are two buttons on the CAS homepage that will take you to the Request Assessment page.
  2. Choose the Type of Assessment you would like.
  3. Fill in the recipient - start typing the Preceptor's last name in the box and choose from the drop-down.
  4. If the Preceptor isn't listed, email the Registrar’s office to add the name.
  5. Review your selected Preceptor (it's a good idea to double check the pre-filled email address).
  6. Click "Request Assessment". The Request may be changed or deleted from your Outbox.
  7. Once your Preceptor starts the assessment the request will be locked and cannot be modified.