International Electives

International electives are elective activities that take place outside of the United States. All CWRU medical students are required to submit international rotations to the Case Western Reserve University Office of Education Abroad using their electronic application. Once the application has been completed and all required documents uploaded prior to departure, the School Of Medicine Registrar will be notified to register the elective, which adds it to the transcript.

Please follow the instructions below for submitting international electives.

  1. Students interested in international electives must carefully review the International Programs protocol and complete the new Education Abroad application online. The paper version of the application form is no longer accepted.
  2. Contact information for additional application information:
  3. The Required Signatures document must include all three pages of the Application Questionnaire including two required signatures (Dr. Sahera Dirajlal-Fargo and Society Dean/Physician Advisor).

Students must use CAS for the clinical rotation. Education Abroad requires a program report and final assessment upon return from any rotation abroad.