PHOP Program Cycle

A typical program cycle for the Peru Health Outreach Project, including when to apply and when participants visit Peru, runs as follows: 

  • October - November: Applications
  • November - December: New student leadership begins/orients
  • November - December: New cycle of participants begin
  • January - May: Biweekly meetings
    • Deciding/Planning Health Fair topics
    • Fundraising
    • Planning research projects
    • Determining travel logistics
    • Determining supplies needed/collecting and packing supplies
    • Spanish language practice, travel abroad education, global health education
  • February: Global Health Workshop; half day, all PHOP medical students are required to participate
  • June: Go to Peru!
  • July - August: Care for returning equipment/supplies, write up trip reports, work on research
  • August - October: Recruitment, work on research