International Students

three case western reserve law students sitting at a table talking

Power of an Experience

Thriving in global legal practice requires graduates of international institutions to excel within the classroom while mastering the elements of interaction beyond it.

The LLM program provides students ample opportunity to practice language skills, interact with JD students and work with practicing American attorneys.

Program features—such as full integration into intellectual and professional life within Cleveland's legal and university communities, summer internships and LLM social activities—generate an enriching and well-rounded experience. Students graduate from the LLM program with a strong education in international law, as well as firm grounding in global interactions and the American legal system.

Our local legal community, including the program director, law school administrators and student mentors, offer LLM students academic guidance and act as lifelong connections for students around the world.

Meet Your Mentor

Every year students from Case Western Reserve School of Law's JD program affiliate themselves with the LLM program and its community as student mentors.

These student mentors plan LLM social events, familiarize international graduates with Northeast Ohio and campus life, and help their LLM counterparts integrate fully into JD classes, as well as the intellectual and professional life of Cleveland's legal community.

In the end, students and mentors become very close friends.

Mentor events include LLM study groups, the JD vs. LLM soccer tournament (a.k.a. the Katz Cup), ski trips to Alpine Valley, apple-picking, fashion shows, holiday celebrations and more.