First Amendment Clinic

About the Clinic

The First Amendment Clinic, for third-year law students, is an experiential offering within the Milton and Charlotte Kramer Law Clinic at Case Western Reserve University School of Law. Established in 2020, the clinic focuses on litigation involving freedom of speech, press, assembly and petition; and offers pro bono legal services to those who rely on the First Amendment to collect and publish information, freely criticize government policy, and express differing viewpoints. Its goal is to train a new generation of free speech advocates, and serve as a resource for organizations, students, journalists and citizens defending and advancing First Amendment issues.

The Clinic also offers a First Amendment and Media Law Practicum, which explores the substantive law and policy considerations involved in representing journalists, researchers, protesters and other civil rights plaintiffs. The focus of the course is the public’s right to know; legal mechanisms for inspecting judicial proceedings and government records and legal issues surrounding news-gathering, speaking, and publishing are explored. The work is tied to live-client matters in the Clinic, and students in the practicum support the representations through researching and drafting litigation documents and associated advocacy.

The Clinic is supported by a grant from The Stanton Foundation. The Stanton Foundation was established by former television broadcasting executive Frank Stanton, a longtime president of CBS, creator of the Kennedy-Nixon debate and a staunch defender of the First Amendment. Protecting the First Amendment is a core mission of the Foundation.

Who We Are

The First Amendment Clinic is one of the several clinics under the umbrella of the Milton and Charlotte Kramer Law Clinic. It is primarily staffed by a director, a fellow, and third-year law students certified as legal interns by the Supreme Court of Ohio.

The Clinic’s Advisory Board consists of academics at the School of Law who have a particular expertise in topics relevant to the clinic. Advisory Board members are not engaged in client representations and do not have access to confidential client information.

Potential Client Inquiries

We are only able to handle legal matters in Ohio. Because our clinic is primarily staffed by law students, there are many factors we have to take into account when we receive an inquiry, including capacity, timing and the particular facts and circumstances presented.

If you think that your First Amendment rights are being infringed upon, please call 216.368.2766 or email with your contact information and we will get back to you. While we will keep all communications confidential to the extent disclosure isn’t required by law or our ethical duties, please do not send sensitive information, including long narratives or supporting documentation.

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The First Amendment Clinic at Case Western University School of Law is sponsored by a generous donation from The Stanton Foundation.