Career Development Services

law student speaking with faculty member

We are committed to partnering with you in your individual job search. Our door is always open to provide resources, knowledge, advice and encouragement along the way.


This is your one-stop resource for career help. You can schedule appointments with your career counselor, find job resources to help you narrow your search, review upcoming career programs, check the latest job postings and more.

One-on-One Career Counseling

The most important part of any successful job search is the creation of a strategy. This strategy should be developed in consultation with your CDO attorney-counselor, who can provide insight, advice, and suggestions to help shape your job search. We encourage you to meet with your counselor as often as needed. These one-on-one meetings can also address other aspects of career planning including: resume and cover letter preparation and application procedures, market and employer information, practice area and career options exploration, interview preparation, and personal professional development. Appointments are available in person, via telephone and via email.

Office Hours

Students may use various methods to contact us to address questions and concerns. While appointments are required for in-depth discussions, mock interviews, or other questions that will take more than just a few minutes, we are available for quick walk-in questions during our Office Hours of Monday–Thursday from 2–3 p.m. or via email.


We maintain an electronic resource library with hundreds of reference materials, including directories, informational handouts, fellowship and clerkship information and opportunities, legal periodicals, salary and practice-area reports and statistics, and more. We also maintain a resource room which contains a lending library of hard copy reference books regarding legal practice options, preparing for interviews, drafting application documents and general job search advice.


Each year, we host over 25 programs covering a variety of topics, including practice area exploration, professional development, e-professionalism, interview skills, and resume and cover letter workshops. These programs provide you with insight from practicing attorneys, expert advice on specific geographic markets, and other "insider" information that is invaluable to the job search. We advertise these programs in a variety of ways, including in the SSCDO News, email, social media and display screens inside the building.

Job Postings

On average, we post over 1,300 job opportunities to our students and alumni each year. Our job postings are updated each weekday on CDOonline.

Recruitment Programs

In addition to year-round job postings, we coordinate two formal recruitment programs each year, one in the fall and one in the spring. Both programs contain an on-campus interview and resume collect/direct opportunities. The fall program also contains early recruitment programs for targeted cities and regions, including New York City, Boston, Washington, D.C., Chicago and Southern California.


Reciprocity allows students and alumni to receive temporary access to some or all of the career services resources of another law school outside the greater Cleveland area. Reciprocity is a valuable favor from another law school, and many schools will grant only a limited number of reciprocity requests each year. We strongly encourage you to speak with your career counselor before submitting a reciprocity request in order to develop the best strategy when requesting reciprocity.

To request reciprocity, please complete our request form. A copy of our reciprocity policy is available.