IPVC Testimonials

Cal Al-Dhubaib

image of Cal Al-Dhubaib, Founder and CEO, Triple Analytics, LLC

Founder and CEO, Triple Analytics, LLC (www.tripleanalytics.com)

Starting a business is never easy, but starting a business as a student with extremely limited resources is even more challenging. The IP Venture Clinic has been instrumental in reducing barriers to establishing my business, Triple Analytics. With help from the IPVC, I was able to navigate a wide variety of legal issues spanning business formation, employment agreements, contract negotiations, and IP protection. Most importantly, the IPVC has been able to keep up with my growing list of legal needs accompanying the continued success of Triple Analytics. As the founder of an early stage startup, I am grateful to have continuous access to high quality legal counsel that so many young companies need but can't afford.

Felipe Gómez del Campo

image of Felipe Gómez del Campo, Founder and CEO, FGC Plasma Solutions, LLC

Founder and CEO, FGC Plasma Solutions, LLC

I originally came to the IPVC after being referred by the Blackstone Launchpad in an effort to commercialize a more efficient fuel injector technology I had developed for jet engine applications. Central to the commercialization of this technology was is a strong IP protection strategy. I had absolutely no background in patents but with the help of the student attorneys and faculty advisors of the IPVC, we were able to perform an extensive prior art search and eventually file a very solid provisional patent application as well as a subsequent PCT filing. Additionally, the IPVC recognized that IP was just a component of a successful venture and provided help many other legal needs such as NDA’s and incorporation documents. All of these services are valuable on their own, but the synergistic effect of having a free solution to all of my legal needs helped me grow FGC Plasma Solutions tremendously. My company has gone on to raise over $130,000, I have attracted interest from various aerospace manufacturers and government agencies and I have presented everywhere from The White House to the Department of Energy National Clean Energy Business Prize Competition, all the while with confidence in the legal work provided by the IPVC. I can easily say that this would have been much more difficult and much more expensive without the IP Venture Clinic.