A Message from the Director

Portrait of Joseph Custer

Our Judge Ben C. Green Law Library is dedicated to providing outstanding service and information access to support the Case Western Reserve University School of Law’s commitment to eminence in teaching, research and scholarship that changes lives and deepens understanding.

Our holdings include an extensive collection of both print and electronic resources. We hold complete collections of federal and state law, law reviews, current law services, an extensive British and Commonwealth collection and special collections in taxation, labor law, foreign investments, international law, law and medicine and environmental law.

We are one of only two institutions in the country with a complete collection of all 44 volumes of Vanity Fair, Britain's weekly publication that ran from 1869 until 1912. It was known for its satire of prominent figures, including those in politics, law, the arts, academics and military.

Our students and faculty have access to more than 700 electronic services and library catalogs, as well as a wide range of software services. All of our faculty's work and student journals are archived in our online repository, Scholarly Commons. We also offer legal resources to our alumni, including free access to Hein Online.

We invite you to come use our law library in person where you can be assisted by our excellent reference librarians with navigating our electronic and print resources, or sign in remotely to conveniently make use of our many electronic offerings.


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Joseph A. Custer
Associate Professor of Law & Director,
Judge Ben C. Green Law Library