Environmental Law Research

Even before the creation of the Coleman P. Burke Center for Environmental Law, the Case Western Reserve University School of Law sponsored important symposia on environmental law issues, including programs that led to the following publications.


Property in Ecology (2019)

Co-Sponsored with the Property & Environment Research Center

Published in the Natural Resources Journal


  • Jonathan H. Adler, Introduction

  • Donald J. Boudreaux and Roger Meiners, Externality: Origins and Classifications

  • James L. Huffman, American Prairie Reserve: Protecting Wildlife Habitat on a Grand Scale

  • Joseph Regalia and Noah D. Hall, Waters of the State 

  • Donald J. Kochan, The Market to Roam: Using Sharing Economy Platforms for Expanding Roaming Access to Land Resources

  • Bryan Leonard and Shawn Regan, Legal and Institutional Barriers to Establishing Non-Use Rights to Natural Resources

  • Steven M. Smith, Instream Flow Rights within the Prior Appropriation Doctrine: Insights from Colorado

  • Katrina M. Wyman, Second Generation Property Rights Issues


PERC/LEC Workshop on Environmental Federalism (2014)



The Law and Policy of Hydraulic Fracturing: Addressing the Issues of the Natural Gas Boom (2013)


Regulation by LItigation Symposium (2011)


Common Law Environmental Protection (2008)



Symposium on Bjørn Lomborg’s The Skeptical Environmentalist (2002)