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CWRU law school faculty members are regularly featured in news stories about the law. That’s because they’re widely considered leading experts in their fields. They are frequently interviewed for broadcast and print stories, in outlets ranging from The New York Times and Washington Post to CNN and FOX.

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Faculty Member
Date Name Title Tags News Outlet
11/26/2023 Andrew Geronimo Palestinian community, supporters return to Cleveland City Council for fifth consecutive meeting First Amendment Clinic Spectrum News
11/26/2023 Andrew Geronimo Cleveland City Council considers tightening public comment rules First Amendment Axios
11/24/2023 Anat Alon-Beck Share sale set to test financial impact of OpenAI’s leadership turmoil Business Law Financial Times
11/23/2023 Cassandra Burke Robertson Who’s Responsible When Cars Go “Eyes Off”? Tech Law Medium
11/22/2023 Sharona Hoffman Employee lawsuits over Covid vaccines still circulating in North Carolina Health Law Triangle Business Journal
11/22/2023 Cassandra Burke Robertson What Companies Can Learn From The Supreme Court’s First Code Of Ethics Ethics Forbes
11/21/2023 Law School A Guide to Environmental Law Centers Best Law Schools Legal Planet
11/21/2023 Anat Alon-Beck Lessons from the corporate governance 'mess' at OpenAI Business Law Yahoo Finance
11/21/2023 Jessie Hill Issue 1 made Ohio's abortion ban unconstitutional. Will Ohio AG defend it in court? Abortion Law Cincinnati Enquirer
11/21/2023 Anat Alon-Beck Cleveland Ballet CEO resigns after suspension, investigation into 'serious workplace allegations' Business Law WEWS
11/20/2023 Katharine Van Tassel Lawsuit: COVID Vaccine Injury Claims Diverted to Unconstitutional 'Kangaroo Court' Health Law Reason
11/20/2023 Katharine Van Tassel Lawsuit: COVID Vaccine Injury Claims Diverted to Unconstitutional 'Kangaroo Court' Health Law Yahoo
11/20/2023 Michael Benza Bill aims to bring concealed carry to buildings containing small courts not in use gun laws Spectrum News
11/20/2023 Jonathan Entin The legal questions surrounding Ohio's new reproductive rights amendment Abortion WVXU, Cincinnati Public Radio
11/20/2023 Michael Scharf 'Talking Foreign Policy' tackles the international community's response to climate change International Law Ideastream
11/19/2023 Jessie Hill The Fight For Abortion Access In Ohio Isn’t Over Abortion Law Talking Points Memo
11/19/2023 Michael Scharf, Jessica Berg Berg, Scharf to step down as co-deans of CWRU School of Law in ‘24 Law School Cleveland Jewish News
11/19/2023 Jessie Hill Ohio Voters Enshrined Abortion, But Courts Will Decide its Reach Abortion Law Bloomberg
11/18/2023 Sharona Hoffman American Airlines traveler messed around and got slapped with a huge fee Health Law The Street
11/18/2023 Jessica Wolfendale IDF storms Al-Shifa hospital for second time International Law MSNBC
11/17/2023 Victor Flatt Legal showdown looms over EPA smog-fighting plan Environmental Law Politico
11/17/2023 Andrew Geronimo Cleveland City Council’s proposed changes to public comment policy ignite debate over free speech First Amendment Clinic Cleveland Plain Dealer
11/16/2023 Anat Alon-Beck Federal court ruling could impact the home buying process Business Law Spectrum News
11/16/2023 Jonathan Entin Entin on Ohio’s Abortion Legislation Abortion Law WGN Radio
11/16/2023 Anat Alon-Beck Cleveland Ballet suspends CEO and artistic director following 'serious workplace allegations' Business Law WEWS, ABC Cleveland
11/16/2023 Andrew Geronimo Changes likely coming to Cleveland City Council's public comment portion of meetings, but critics have concerns First Amendment WKYC, NBC Cleveland
11/16/2023 Jessica Wolfendale Nomination of Justice Jackson's husband to judicial commission prompts ethics concerns: Lawyer International Law MSN
11/16/2023 Jessica Wolfendale In wars, hospitals have special protection under international law. How does that apply in Gaza? International Law Associated Press
11/16/2023 Cassandra Burke Robertson Nomination of Justice Jackson's husband to judicial commission prompts ethics concerns: Lawyer Ethics Washington Examiner
11/16/2023 Kevin McMunigal Horrific timeline of University of Idaho murders one year on as experts issue warning on suspect Bryan Kohberger’s DNA Criminal Law The Sun
11/15/2023 Anat Alon-Beck Thousands gather in support of Israel International Law News Nation
11/15/2023 Andrew Geronimo Cleveland City Council Considering Limiting Public Comment to Topics Currently Under Consideration by the Body First Amendment Cleveland Scene
11/15/2023 Ayesha Bell Hardaway CWRU law students discuss mental health response 9 years after the death of Tanisha Anderson Social Justice Yahoo
11/15/2023 Ayesha Bell Hardaway CWRU law students discuss mental health response 9 years after the death of Tanisha Anderson Social Justice WEWS, ABC Cleveland
11/15/2023 Andrew Geronimo Reporter arrested during East Palestine train derailment press conference files lawsuit First Amendment WOIO, CBS affiliate
11/15/2023 Jonathan Entin Some Ohio GOP lawmakers attempting to undermine democratic process after voters protect abortion Elections WEWS
11/15/2023 Kevin McMunigal PUBLIC WATCHING Bryan Kohberger DNA could spark trial ‘snap decision’ as families await justice on Idaho murder anniversary, expert says Criminal Law The Sun
11/15/2023 Bryan Adamson Right Idea: New VA council aims to address inclusion, equity issues diversity USA Today
11/13/2023 Jonathan Entin You have questions about legal marijuana in Ohio. We have answers. Marijuana Legalization WEWS
11/13/2023 Eric Chaffee Donald Trump's NY Defense Expected to Be 'Aggressive,' but May Be Too Late President Trump Newsweek
11/13/2023 Jonathan Entin Four GOP lawmakers say they want to be the judges of Ohio’s abortion laws Elections Cleveland Patch
11/12/2023 Jonathan Entin, Atiba Ellis Increased efforts to require party labels in Ohio races Elections Spectrum News
11/12/2023 Jessie Hill No, Ohio’s new abortion-rights measure doesn’t allow for ‘financial’ exemptions to restrictions Abortion Law Associated Press
11/11/2023 Daniel Jaffe Man who resigned from state superintendent amid ethics concerns nominated to new Education and Workforce Dept. Education Law WEWS, ABC Cleveland
11/11/2023 Eric Chaffee Why Ivanka Trump Was the Final Witness Against Her Father Civil Law Newsweek
11/11/2023 Juscelino Colares Greater Cleveland Film Commission president teases 'iconic' productions to film in Northeast Ohio Labor Law WKYC
11/11/2023 Katharine Van Tassel Lawsuit Challenges Federal Vaccine Injury Compensation Program Health Law Medpage Today
11/11/2023 Juscelino Colares ‘A historic moment’: Oregon teachers launch first-ever strike Labor Law The Guardian
11/10/2023 Jessie Hill Social media posts misrepresent Ohio abortion reform Abortion Law Agence France-Presse
11/10/2023 Jonathan Entin What does the new abortion rights amendment really mean in terms of Ohio's abortion policies? Abortion Law Statehouse News Bureau- Ohio Public Radio