Student Resources

We are devoted to your research needs and want to make our research materials available to you when you need them, as effectively and efficiently as possible.

The following links may be helpful in accessing specific library resources or services:

Schedule a Personal Consultation

If you need research instruction beyond what is taught in class, you are encouraged to schedule a Personal Consultation with one of our librarians. This curriculum-support service is helpful for research papers, notes, other course-related projects and extracurricular endeavors, such as moot court, citation checking and similarity report analysis.

Law librarians are assigned based on a combination of availability and special expertise and will contact you to arrange an appointment. Please visit the reference desk in person during normal reference desk hours if you need immediate research assistance.

Schedule a Personal Consultation

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Lexis, Westlaw & Bloomberg Subscriptions

Lexis, Westlaw and Bloomberg—the premium online research libraries used in law—are handled differently than most other library database subscriptions. Instead of shared school-wide access, we provide each law student a personal password account for each of these services. Your Lexis and Westlaw registration information is provided to you at the beginning of your first year and will enable you to establish your own username and password on these systems.

Please contact the reference desk for assistance should you lose a password or have other difficulties.

Services for Student-Edited Journals

We offer extensive services to student-edited journals, including assistance with cite checking, adding and maintaining archival and current editions of the journals on Scholarly Commons and research instruction and support for students who are writing their notes. Each journal has a liaison librarian.