Health Law

A medical professional reviewing CAT scans

About Our Center

The challenges that will face the medical and health law professions in the coming decades are enormous. And the Law-Medicine Center is uniquely poised to prepare its students to address these challenges. The center is the oldest health law program in the country. The field of health law effectively began with the creation of the center in 1953. Our Law-Medicine Center’s offerings include a wealth of courses, experiential learning opportunities, several graduate programs, outstanding faculty, extracurricular activities, experiential learning opportunities, job placement assistance and more.

Our health law curriculum offers a wide range of courses, seminars, and clinical practice opportunities to students interested in the full array of health law subjects—from corporate law firm practice to bioethics, from medical malpractice advocacy to government regulation of health care providers. Students do not have to wait until their second or third year to begin work in the health law curriculum. Each year we offer an elective course in health law to first year students.

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