Law Journals

image of case western reserve law journal shelved in a long row in a library setting

Through Case Western Reserve University School of Law's five law journals, you'll have the opportunity to collaborate with classmates, academics and practitioners on several professional journals.

The Law Review

Those who have demonstrated interest and ability are invited to become associates of the Law Review at the beginning of their second year. They write a scholarly paper on a topic of their choice, honing their legal analytical and writing skills while deeply exploring their interest in legal issues. In addition, they help select and edit articles submitted by judges, scholars and other authorities.

Health Matrix

Health Matrix: Journal of Law-Medicine publishes one issue per year dedicated to thematic topics. Students contribute articles and work with submissions from outside authors representing such professions as law, medicine and social work.

Journal of International Law

The Journal of International Law publishes one double issue per year containing articles generated from the annual Frederick K. Cox International Law Center symposium and lectures.  Second-year students are selected to be associate editors through a write-on competition.

Journal of Law, Technology & the Internet

JOLTI publishes two issues per year examining emerging technologies and how they relate to the law. JOLTI welcomes full-length submissions from professors and scholars in relevant fields. Case Western Reserve students are eligible to join during their second year to contribute to the editing process and submit articles and notes for possible publication.

Canada-U.S. Law Journal

The Canada-U.S. Law Journal was the first academic law journal dedicated to the exploration of the complex trade relationship between Canada and the United States. It includes articles, student notes and the proceedings of the annual conference of the Canada-U.S. Law Institute. The journal is edited jointly by the University of Western Ontario and Case Western Reserve University School of Law students.