Health Matrix: Journal of Law Medicine

Published twice a year, each issue of Health Matrix includes articles by major scholars, along with student notes, written under the supervision of a faculty member. One issue each year is a symposium on a significant health law topic, such as reproductive rights, newborn screening, bioterrorism, health care reform, regulating germ line genetic engineering, health care and tax exemption, and barriers to health care access.

Students are selected for the journal based on their grades and a writing competition. Once chosen to be associate editors, students complete a major research paper, while providing research support to the journal’s executive board. Through the Health Matrix Notes program, students work closely with the journal’s faculty advisor to develop their papers, which may be submitted for publication. Approximately 50 percent of the students' notes are selected for publication by the journal's staff, and one note is designated "Note of the Year," an award that carries a cash prize. Student notes recently published in the journal cover a wide range of topics, including regulation of opiods by the Food and Drug Administration, Medical Marijuana and the Americans with Disabilities Act, and treatment for transsexual inmates in prison.

Student Health Law Association

Members of the Student Health Law Association pursue activities that promote professional development in all areas of health law. Activities include sponsoring lectures, workshops and symposia, organizing health law career development workshops and outreach programs, cosponsoring service and charitable events with other student groups, and representing the concerns of students interested in health law within the law school community.