Patent Preparation

Building and Protecting Assets

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has selected Case Western Reserve University School of Law to participate in the Patent Law School Clinic Certification Pilot Program. The Law School Clinic Certification Pilot Program provides law students the opportunity to practice patent law before the USPTO. Under this program, Clinic students render assistance in securing patent rights, which may include drafting patent applications; patent and know-how licensing; developmental agreements and a full range of related transactional work; securing trademark rights; and general counseling related to building a strategic position in a given competitive space.

Our School of Law also participates in the newest component, the Patent Pilot Petition to Make Special Program, which allows the law school to designate a set number of patent applications per academic semester to be advanced out of turn, in order to provide the students with more immediate feedback. Each school must certify that they provide all patent clinic clients with patentability searches and opinions prior to qualifying for advancement out of turn.