Yemen Accountability Project

Tank driving near destroyed buildings

The Yemen Accountability Project (YAP) is a collaboration between Case Western Reserve School of Law, the Syrian Accountability Project of Syracuse University, and the Global Accountability Initiative to document war crimes and crimes against humanity committed in Yemen.

About the Yemen Accountability Project

The Yemen Accountability Project (YAP) is a cooperative effort between legal scholars, non-governmental organizations, students, and other interested parties to document and analyze war crimes and crimes against humanity (CAH) that have occurred during Yemen’s civil war. Currently, the project’s goal is to investigate and analyze open-source materials covering the Yemeni Civil War to provide evidence for war crimes and CAH. Once the documentation is synthesized, the YAP team will catalog the information relative to applicable bodies of law, including the Geneva Conventions and Additional Protocols, the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, Yemeni Penal Law, and other relevant treaties of International Humanitarian Law (IHL) and Customary International Law (CIL). 

The YAP will primarily create documentation products in a narrative and graphical format, as well as a trend analyses of ongoing crimes. Furthermore, the YAP publishes issue-specific white papers. The final publications YAP aim to provide documentary evidence of the war crimes in Yemen in the event that international judicial procedures occur. YAP will coordinate our efforts with organizations like the United Nations, U.S. Department of State, the International Criminal Court, and other international bodies and organizations. 

Investigations Division

The investigation division is made up of a team of investigators who perform the ground-level research necessary to fulfill the Yemen Accountability Project’s mandate. Investigators use both open source and private channels to gather information on events that occur in Yemen, applying their legal knowledge to determine whether the events could possibly be crimes against humanity or war crimes. Investigators then analyze what domestic and international laws the events might be in violation of, filing the events in a Crime Matrix. The information stored in the Crime Matrix is then sent to Intelligence for further analysis. 

Intelligence Division 

YAP intelligence division is responsible for: 1) continuing to identify English and Arabic language sources to facilitate the YAP collection effort; 2) the production, upkeep, and expansion of YAP’s permanent informative dossiers such as the crime base matrix and the raw conflict narrative; and 3) maintain a collection effort that focuses on incidents and individuals to complement the general chronological approach of the investigative division. 

Registrar Division

The Registrar Division is responsible for collecting, reviewing and keeping all data and documentation produced by the investigation and intelligence divisions.  The registrar produces all publications for YAP, namely whitepaper reports, as well as press release statements and website newsletters or articles. The whitepaper reports are accumulations of the evidence collected by the different divisions in YAP and expounded upon with further evidentiary and legal research. The reports focus on specific issues that could possibly be prosecuted as a war crime in international or domestic jurisdictions and are meant to be a guide to those clients who may want to prosecute these crimes.