National Lawyers' Guild

Objectives of the Organization

Shall be:

  1. To aid in making the United States and the State Constitution and the law and the administrative and judicial agencies of government responsive to the will of the American people;
  2. To protect and foster our democratic institutions and civil rights and liberties of all people;
  3. To aid in the establishment of governmental and professional agencies to supply adequate legal services to those who are in need and cannot obtain it;
  4. To promote justice in the administration of the law;
  5. To aid in the adoption of laws for the economic and social welfare of the people;
  6. To keep the people informed upon legal matters affecting the public interest;
  7. To encourage, in the study of law, a consideration of the social and economic aspects of the law;
  8. To improve the ethical standards which must guide the lawyer in the performance of his or her professional and social duties; and
  9. To promote world unity through collaboration among the Bars of members of the United Nations

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