A CWRU Law faculty member talking to law students

Centers and Institutes

Case Western Reserve University School of Law features nationally ranked academic centers and institutes, dedicated to shaping law and policy in specialty law areas, including international, environmental, health, business, intellectual property, and public interest law. These academic centers enhance both our school and community, bringing in local, national and global leaders to the law school lectures and conferences, while offering our students internships around the world in their chosen area of study.

CWRU Law student focusing on environmental law
The Coleman Burke Environmental Law Center

Meet the challenges of working in environmental law in our newest enter, established in 2018 with a $10 million dollar endowment.

Case Western Reserve law students talking about international law with a map in the background
The Frederick K. Cox International Law Center

Immerse yourself in international law in our top 20 ranked program. Study abroad, intern around the world and learn from our comprehensive curriculum.

CWRU Law student working in the Law-Medicine Center
The Law-Medicine Center

Train to excel in health law, one of the fastest-growing legal fields today, in the nation's 9th ranked Health Law Program.  

CWRU Law student looking 3-D printers
The Spangenberg Center for Law, Technology & the Arts

Represent the world’s creators in entertainment, sports and cutting-edge technology with extensive training in intellectual property.

CWRU Law student talking on the phone
The Financial Integrity Institute

Advance financial integrity globally by conducting the highest standards research in anti-money laundering, anti-corruption, countering the financing of terrorism and international tax evasion. 

One of the CWRU Law Professors teaching a class on social justice
Social Justice Law Center

Address the inequities in our legal system through impactful research, scholarships and internship opportunities. 

Cassandra Burke Robertson
Center for Professional Ethics

Explore moral choices across professional lines in a variety of disciplines on such topics as confidentiality, decision-making, lying and conflict of interest.

Juliet Krostritsky teaching at the Case Western Reserve Law School
Business Law Center

Learn the complex legal issues facing business entities and engage in research on the role and impact of government in the regulation of business.