Entertainment Law Stream

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Online Course to be offered next in Summer 2020

Our entertainment law courses focus on the legal aspects of the film, television and music industries, exposing you to the inner workings of the entertainment industry. We offer a pair of 2-credit courses - Entertainment Law: Film and Television and Representing the Musical Artist.

Entertainment Law: Film and Television

This course explores the relationship between the entertainment industry and the law and examines the legal doctrine relevant to film and television industries, including deal negotiation, content licensing, litigation strategies, rights of publicity and client counseling. You will engage in simulated contract drafting and negotiation, explore various contractual provisions and immerse yourself in the legal culture of the entertainment industry.

Faculty Instructors
Craig Nard, David Shall and Ryan Bocskay

"The support and push from the entire IP and Law and the Arts department at Case has been invaluable."
- Justin Dillion ‘17

Representing the Musical Artist

This course teaches you to provide effective counsel to musical artists in all phases of their careers, from startup to stardom. Learning from faculty and guest speakers with decades of experience in the industry, you will be exposed to the practical aspects of counseling the burgeoning artist in the creation of the music, sample clearances, band partnership and producer agreements, band management, shopping for a label, negotiating the label agreement, getting an agent, applying for copyrights and trademarks, and going on tour. The course will also focus on the legal work involved in counseling the "classic" or "heritage" artist, involving termination of transfer, branding, film-scoring opportunities, synch licensing, master use and other licensing opportunities, documentary films about the artist's career and the sale of the publishing catalog.

In addition to extensive legal training, students will learn the roles and perspectives of the many critical industry members that work behind the scenes, including producers, managers, the label's A&R person, recording engineers, concert promoters and club owners.

Faculty Instructors
Mark Avsec