Melvyn R. Durchslag

Professor Emeritus of Law

Faculty Biography

Mr. Durchslag joined the faculty in 1970 after practicing law in Chicago and then with the Cleveland Legal Aid Society. He teaches courses in constitutional law and in state and local government. His main scholarly interest has been in constitutional law and particularly federal/state ("federalism") issues. His recent book State Sovereign Immunity (Praeser Press 2002) explores a subset of that issue, the Eleventh Amendment. His most recent articles include "The Federalist Papers in the Supreme Court: Is There Less Here than Meets The Eye," William & Mary Bill of Rights Journal (2005), "Forgotten Federalism: The Takings Clause and Local Land Use Decisions," Maryland Law Review (2000), "Accommodation by Declaration," Loyola of Los Angeles Law Review (2000), and "Euclid v. Ambler Realty Seventy Five Years Later: This Is Not Your Father's Zoning Ordinance," Case Western Reserve Law Review (2001).