Center for Business Law Hosts Professional Fellow for Governance and Society

Urooj Shafi with Law Faculty

In May, the Cleveland Council on World Affairs welcomed a group of professionals from India, Pakistan, Nepal and Sri Lanka on a program called the Professional Fellows Program for Governance and Society. One of these fellows, Urooj Shafi from Pakistan, was placed in an academic fellowship at Center for Business Law.

Shafi is from Hyderabad, Pakistan, the second-largest city in the Sindh province. She has had the opportunity to travel and live in multiple cities across Pakistan, giving her multicultural exposure to society, the skill to adapt and the ability to depend on herself. Shafi has a Master's in Business Administration from the University of Sindh as well as a Master of Laws. 

Shafi is currently serving as Assistant Director (Cartels and Trade Abuse) at the Competition Commission of Pakistan, with the organizational core task of creating a level playing field for every business entity within the market. Her job responsibilities include conducting market research/investigations to enforce the application of competition laws throughout the country, drafting inquiry reports based on the research and analysis, and giving recommendations to the commission. She also coordinates with government and private entities.

During Shafi’s time at Case Western Reserve, she met with Rita Bryce, Steve Petras, Juliet Kostritsky, Michael Scharf and Katharine Van Tassel as well as two partners at Baker Hostetler. She also shadowed the FTC and made a presentation to the Department of Justice.

“While Urooj Shafi was here, she demonstrated a keen interest in learning about antitrust laws from experts in the United States and in exploring the link between big data and the laws governing competition,” remarked Juliet Kostritsky, Director of the Center for Business Law. “She had an impressive command of her area of expertise and connected with many lawyers who are experts in her field. The shared discussions on a topic of common interest to business lawyers enriched the Center for Business Law.”

The Center for Business Law prepares future leaders to understand business issues facing business entities, engage in research on the role and impact of government in the regulation of business, and to foster public debate regarding the role of government in the regulation of businesses.