3L Clare Shin published in Ohio State Bar Association’s Intellectual Property Newsletter

Photo of Clare Shin in Paris

In the autumn edition of the Ohio State Bar Association’s Intellectual Property Newsletter, 3L Clare Shin published “Squeak and Desist,” a light-hearted examination of the 2013 legal fight, VIP Prods., LLC v. Jack Daniels, which Shin described as “a case about squeaky toys and alcohol for all the moms and dads of four-legged creatures, working from home and needing a chuckle the next time they pour themselves a glass of Tennessee Whiskey.” 

During her time in law school, Shin focused on becoming a fashion attorney. Her article, "The Future of Fashion Law in America: Copyright as the Key to Creativity," was published in Feb. 2020.

Shin is currently in Paris, France, earning a dual degree from Paris Dauphine University. She will graduate in May 2021 with a JD and an LLM in International and European Business Law.