Congratulations to Community Development Clinic Interns

Community Dev Clinic Interns Fall 2022

Congratulations to our twelve Community Development Clinic interns, who just finished a semester completing dozens of legal projects for Cleveland area community organizations and social enterprises. They renegotiated leases, researched and answered tax exemption questions, guided boards of directors through corporate governance issues, and prepared employee handbooks – to name just a few.  Meanwhile, in the words of the team that represents CDC client, Upcycle Parts Shop, we had “the chance to interact with the creative, innovative, and neighborhood-driven people that make up our client base.” Pictured here are Upcycle legal interns/current CWRU 3L’s Emma Peters, Rebecca Kimmelfield, and Austin Milliren with Upcycle founder Nicole McGee and other Upcycle employees at a recent art swap event organized by volunteers at Upcycle Parts Shop’s storefront in Cleveland’s St. Clair Superior neighborhood.   “We loved that we were welcomed into their vibrant community and were able to see Upcycle in action and the impact of the Clinic’s work.”