CWRU Law Recognized for “Pushing the Envelope in Legal Tech”

Student with Laptop Studying

The evolution of technology is changing much of the world, including the legal profession. New technologies provide opportunities for lawyers to improve efficiency and effectiveness. PreLaw Magazine recently highlighted 20 law schools that are pushing the envelope in legal technology. 

"Case Western Reserve’s Fusion Program is an immersive training experience designed to expose students to the art and science of evaluating and commercializing complex technological innovations. The mainstay of the program is a course called “Commercialization and Intellectual Property Management,” where interdisciplinary teams work to understand the scientific, intellectual property and market potential of new inventions." 

Last year, the law school worked with the Regenerative Medicine Program, allowing students to explore complex cellular therapies and related technologies. Two new courses are being offered this fall: Using Technology to Increase Access to Justice lab and Technology and the Law."

Learn more about the Fusion Curriculum here