CWRU law school faculty ranked 30th in scholarly impact

Professor Adler Speaking to students

It is widely recognized that publishing improves teaching.  Scholarly writing enables professors to bring up-to-date information into the classroom and share their research on cutting edge developments with their students. We are happy to announce that our faculty has been ranked among the top in the nation in scholarly impact.     

A December 2019 study by Paul Heald and Ted Sichelman assessing faculty scholarly impact ranked our school 27th in the country in SSRN downloads and 34th in citations on HeinOnline, with a combined ranking of 30th. CWRU was the highest-ranked law school in the State of Ohio. The Heald and Sichelman study on scholarly impact will be updated on an annual basis.

The Heald and Sichelman study does not measure citations by domestic and international courts, where our faculty also excels.  In the past year, articles by two of our faculty members were cited by the U.S. Supreme Court and a report documenting the genocide of the Rohingya people in Myanmar written by several members of our faculty was cited by the International Criminal Court.

While our law school's faculty is composed of leading scholars, first and foremost each faculty member is devoted to teaching.