CWRU Law School launches Summer JumpStart Program

Students walking in front of the Law School

With its new JumpStart program CWRU School of Law is providing incoming 1L students the opportunity to begin their law school career a few months early.

Designed by Associate Dean Bryan Adamson and Professor Liam Dunn, the JumpStart program offers an eight-week summer experience designed to help students excel in law school and beyond. The program commenced on June 14, 2021, and runs through August 6, 2021.

JumpStart students are enrolled in the Law School’s three-credit Criminal Law course. Throughout the summer, the 1L students will be able to take advantage of add-on academic programs focusing on class preparation, legal writing and analysis, exam-taking, professionalism and ethics, time and stress management techniques and establishing effective work-life balance. In addition, the 1L students will meet with current students, faculty and local members of the legal profession.

“Law school educators have long known that some students who struggle during their first semester or first year find their equilibrium soon afterwards and excel throughout the rest of their legal career,” said Co-Dean Jessica Berg. “First generation students, under-represented minority students, students with disabilities and veterans may benefit from starting in the summer and getting a jumpstart on acclimating to law school. Other students may appreciate the opportunity to start earlier and take a lighter course load in the fall.”

“Regardless of students’ motivations, we are certain that the JumpStart experience at CWRU Law will well-position them for the learning of law by giving them the skills, tools and support for academic success,” added Co-Dean Michael Scharf.