Health Matrix Holds Annual Banquet to Celebrate Journal’s Achievements

Group of Health Matrix Journal students gathered to celebrate their achievements

On April 21, 2024, students and faculty gathered at a local restaurant to celebrate the publication of volume 34 of Health Matrix: Journal of Law-Medicine and all of the student editors’ hard work. Health Matrix is currently ranked #3 among 57 journals worldwide that are included in the category of “Health, Medicine, Psychologyand and Psychiatry Law” in the Washington & Lee Law Journal Rankings.

Four student papers were selected for inclusion in next year’s volume (Volume 35). 2L student Julia McDermott won the “Note of the Year” award for her paper “At What Cost: Medicare’s Cost-Saving Measures in Skilled Nursing Facilities and Their Impact on Vulnerable Populations.” 2L Emma Kerro won the “Editor of the Year” award for her exceptional contributions to the journal’s work.