New book by University of Texas law professor compliments students in the Advanced Contracts Seminar at CWRU School of Law

Professor Juliet Kostritsky

When Professor Wendy Wagner of the University of Texas School of Law was working on her book, "Incomprehensible! A study of how our legal system encourages incomprehensibility, why it matters, and what we can do about it," she asked Professor Juliet Kostritsky, the director of CWRU law school's Center for Business Law, for comments on the draft chapter on Consumer Protection.

Kostritsky asked if she could circulate the text to her Advanced Contracts seminar and assign it for class discussion. Wagner responded enthusiastically to that suggestion and even offered to attend the class and respond to student questions and comments about her work. To prepare for the session, Kostritsky's students formulated questions for Wagner in advance. When Wagner came to the class, she complimented the students on how thoughtful and incisive their questions and comments were.

But Kostritsky received a surprise when she opened a copy of the book which was published by Cambridge University Press last month. There, on page xviii, was an acknowledgment that thanked CWRU's Advanced Contracts seminar students by name -- Hugh Dowell, Robin Zhang, Rina Mwiti and Corey Stevenson -- for their helpful comments on Chapter 4 of the book.