Professor Cathy Lesser Mansfield elected to prestigious American Law Institute

Professor Cathy Lesser Mansfield

Professor Cathy Lesser Mansfield, senior instructor in law and executive director of the Master of Arts in Financial Integrity Program, was among 41 newly elected members of the American Law Institute (ALI).

Mansfield joined the Case Western Reserve School of Law faculty in July, 2019. Previously, she was a professor of law at Drake University Law School, served as a policy analyst with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and was a visiting professor of law at Georgetown University Law Center. 

“Being elected to the American Law Institute is one of the greatest honors of my career,” said Mansfield. “I look forward to being an active member of the ALI and contributing what I can to their important work.” 

Founded in 1923, the mission of ALI is to clarify, modernize or otherwise improve the law to promote the better administration of justice. ALI’s more than 4,500 members come from the bar, bench and academy and are selected on the basis of outstanding achievement in the legal profession.

“I am pleased to welcome this new group of practicing lawyers, academics, and state and federal judges who will bring their own unique voices and contributions to our work, at a time when our work is most needed,” said ALI President David F. Levi. “Our membership continues to prove that civil debate and careful deliberation are still possible, even on a virtual platform. We welcome these new members and look forward to the contributions they will make to our Restatement, Principles, and Model Code projects. It will be a particular pleasure to welcome them in person just as soon as that becomes possible.”

Following the selection of Professor Mansfield to ALI, Case Western Reserve University School of Law now has 9 faculty members elected to the prestigious organization. 

“Our school is fortunate to have so many incredible professors whose national and international contributions have been recognized by the ALI,” said School of Law Co-Dean Jessica Berg.  

“Cathy has earned her place among them,” added Co-Dean Michael Scharf.