Professor Jonathan Adler’s book, Climate Liberalism, examines aspects of climate law and policy

Climate Liberalism Book Cover

Coleman P. Burke Center for Environmental Law Director Jonathan H. Adler’s latest book, Climate Liberalism: Perspectives on Liberty, Property and Pollution (Palgrave), explores the intersection of climate change policy and classical liberal political theory. Adler, also the Johan Verheij Memorial Professor of Law, describes the book as a critical assessment of how classical liberalism can inform policy efforts to address climate change and other large-scale externality problems. 

In advance praise for the book, Matt Zwolinski of the University of San Diego called the book “essential reading on one of the most theoretically interesting and practically important issues of our time." Florida State University College of Law professor Shi-Ling Hsu added that the book “captures a valuable and overdue conversation about classical liberal thinking and the seemingly intractable problem of climate change.”

The edited volume grew out of an interdisciplinary colloquium and research workshop co-sponsored by the Burke Center and the Institute for Humane Studies, and was published by Palgrave-MacMillan as part of the Palgrave Studies in Classical Liberalism. The contributions span multiple disciplines and perspectives, and include: Karen Bradshaw, Mark Budolfson, Billy Christmas, Daniel H. Cole, David Dana, Ed Dolan, Monika Ehrman, Brian T. Fitzpatrick, Andrew Morriss, Mark Pennington, Dan C. Shahar, Catherine M. Sharkey and John Thrasher.