Yemen Accountability Project publishes fifth white paper

Students involved in the Yemen Accountability Project gathered for their end-of-year party

The Yemen Accountability Project is proud to announce the publication of its fifth white paper, Gender Based Violence and the Yemen Civil War. The conflict in Yemen has brought about widespread suffering and devastation, with millions of civilians caught in the crossfire. However, women and girls have been disproportionately affected by various forms of gender-based violence (GBV), including, but not limited to sexual assault, honor killings, forced marriage, arbitrary detainment and restrictions to their freedom of expression and movement. This white paper furthers the conversation around GBV to also address sexual violence and GBV committed against boys and men, as well as the violence targeting LGBTQI+ Yemenis. In the global effort to combat GBV, the Yemen Accountability Project hopes that this white paper will serve as a catalyst for meaningful change in addressing GBV in Yemen and contribute to future accountability through the documentation of international crimes and transitional justice recommendations.

The Yemen Accountability Project (YAP) is a student-led initiative at Case Western Reserve University School of Law founded in 2018 as a cooperative effort between legal scholars, non-governmental organizations, students and other interested parties. It is funded by a generous annual grant from Timothy Geisse. Under the guidance of its Faculty Advisor, Professor Jim Johnson, the project’s members investigate and analyze open-source materials covering the Yemeni Civil War with a goal to provide the foundation for eventual prosecution of war crimes and crimes against humanity before domestic or international courts.