Law School Visitor Protocol/Registration Form

1. The Law School will generally be closed to visitors for the fall semester with certain limited exceptions described in paragraph 2 below subject to the Protocol described in paragraph 3 below.  There will be no public lectures or conferences and the Law Library will not be open to alums or the public.  Access to the building will be by cardkey only.

2. Aside from students, staff, and faculty, who work or have a class in the building, only pre-registered Business Invitees will be permitted to enter the Law School. This category includes: (a) Prospective students and their families (coordinated via the Admissions Office), (b) Clients of the Clinic and other persons whose physical presence is reasonably necessary to represent those clients effectively (coordinated via the Law Clinic), (c) Guest Lecturers/Speakers for in-person classes (coordinated by the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs), (d) invited guests who come to meet with the Development staff (coordinated by the Development Office), (e) invited guests who come to meet with the Dean(s) (coordinated by the Deans’ Office), and (f)) Student Services’ speakers (coordinated by the Office of Student Services).  

3. All Business Invitees must contact the relevant office (listed above) before visiting the Law School. They must: (a) agree to arrive at specified time, (b) be assigned a liaison from that office who will meet them at the East Blvd. entrance to the school and escort them, (c) take their temperature before coming to the Law School, (d) wear a face covering at the Law School, and (e) follow the University’s social distancing and sanitization policies while in the School. They must also complete and email the Law School’s COVID-19 Visitor Form on the day of their visit at least two hours prior to entry into the Law School building, attesting that they do not have a fever and providing other relevant information.