The School of Medicine is here to help you in the process of applying for a job at CWRU SOM. Below are the definitions of the various types of faculty appointments. If you would like to view the department appointment process in more detail, please review our Appointment Information for Departments. Should any questions arise, please email

Temporary Appointments

Once the start date is known, a temporary faculty appointment should be submitted to generate a faculty CWRU ID, EMPLID, and establish access to systems. Temporary appointments are valid for six months. A complete part-time or full-time faculty appointment packet must be received by Faculty Affairs within six months.

  • temporary Adjunct/Clinical appointment will be issued to part-time or full-time faculty members not on CWRU payroll until the appointment is fully approved.
  • temporary Visiting appointment will be issued to faculty members on CWRU payroll (either fully CWRU or dual paid), in both clinical and basic science departments, until the appointment is fully approved.

Full-time faculty are faculty members who devote 50 percent or more of their time to approved academic activities conducted at an approved site.

Part-time faculty are faculty members who devote less than 50 percent of their time to approved academic activities conducted at an approved site. There are several different types of part-time faculty, defined below:

  • Clinical appointments generally refer to part-time faculty members devoting their time to patient care and teaching. Clinical faculty are based in a clinical department (i.e. UH, VA, MHMC, CCLCM) and not on CWRU payroll.
  • Adjunct appointments generally refer to part-time faculty members who devote their time to research and/or teaching in the basic science departments or on CWRU payroll.

Junior-level faculty include Instructors, Senior Instructors, and Assistant Professors.

Senior-level faculty include Associate Professors and Professors.

Visiting faculty appointments refer to those who are faculty based at another institution but at CWRU School of Medicine for a specific term, up to one year.

Emeritus faculty appointments The Faculty of Medicine wishes to recognize the contributions of its members at the time of retirement by the granting of the title emeritus to all faculty who meet the criteria stated below as well as those described in the Faculty Handbook. 

  • Consent of the faculty member
  • Meritorious contributions to the school and to the University
  • Service of at least ten years as a full-time faculty member
  • Minimum retirement age of 60
  • Retirement from full-time active service at Case Western Reserve University.