Co-Educational Suites and Apartments

Suites and apartments may be selected as all-male, all-female or co-ed spaces. In Clarke Tower, double rooms must remain single gender. In second year housing, Triangle spaces, co-ed apartments are not permitted.

Co-ed groups must agree to live together by completely filling any suite or apartment that they wish to select for the entire academic year. If there is a subsequent cancellation, you may be offered the opportunity to secure a replacement, but Housing reserves the right to assign another applicant to the space, with written permission to the current suite mates, or to reassign the remaining residents to same-gender accommodations. Housing reserves the right to designate some areas as single-gender during the room selection process in order to preserve the balance of genders in a building or for other programmatic reasons.

Contrary to rumors, there is no gender ratio required for co-ed suites or apartments. Your group decides the make-up of the roommates (for example: four men and two women for a six-person suite).