Residence Life Staff Suites/Apartments

Residence Life staff members assigned to second-year suites have the opportunity to offer a portion of the remaining space in their suite to friends in advance of the room selection process. Residence Life staff suites must be single-gender.

Residence Life staff members assigned to upper-class apartments have the option of filling the remaining spaces in a four-person apartment. Apartments can be coed; students living in a coed staff apartment will agree to relocate if the staff member is no longer employed by Residence Life.

Important Notice

This process requires that you give your application number to your group leader. By doing so, you are allowing this person to act on your behalf in the room selection process. This person's actions will be binding. If a room is chosen for you, you will not be able to change it. Please be sure this person thoroughly understands your preferences.

To Live in Residence Life Staff Suite:

  1. Complete a housing application on MyHousing.
  2. Work with the Residence Life staff member to determine which bedroom you wish to be placed in.
  3. The staff member will submit a Campus Groups form with the names and bedrooms placements by Monday, March 18, 2024.