Residence Life Staff

Members of the 2022-2023 Residence Life staff must complete the housing application and submit the confirmation information by Monday, March 21, 2022, at noon.

Staff members assigned to second-year suites can bring up to two (2) individuals into a south campus suite. These spaces may be filled with other returning students, of which at most two of them may be rising upper-class students. Spaces not filled will be available to students in the lottery process. All staff suites must be single-gender (no coed suites).

Staff members assigned to upper-class apartments have the option of filling the remaining spaces in a four-person apartment. Apartments can be coed; students living in a coed staff apartment will be required to sign an agreement to relocate if the staff member is no longer employed by Residence Life.

To Complete Your Registration for a Suite or Apartment:

  1. Review the Residence Life staff suite/apartment selection information included with your RA acceptance letter.
  2. Complete a housing application.
  3. Have your roommates complete a housing application.
  4. Record you and your roommates' application numbers and authorization codes onto the online group application form. You will be notified which specific room in the suite is the RA room.
  5. Complete the online group application on MyHousing by Monday. March 21, 2022, at noon.
  6. Beginning on March 23, go online at MyHousing to complete the bedroom assignments.

To Complete Your Registration For a Non-Suite Room:

  1. Complete a housing application and choose the program you are a part of by Monday, March 21, 2022.  For example, if you are an Upperclass Experience student, but serve as an RA in a First-Year Experience Hall, you would select 'Upperclass Experience' on your housing application.