Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of the frequently asked questions about room selection. Please contact us at 216.368.3780 or if you have additional questions.

  • Second Year Students - You may participate in the Single Apartment Lottery. After room selection is over, we will assignment any remaining applicants to open and available rooms. Your lifestyle preferences will be used to match you with roommates. If you have a building or area preference we will take that into consideration.
  • Upperclass Students - if you are interested in a single apartment, please participate in the Single Apartment Lottery.

For upper-class room selection- yes, you do. Partial groups will not be able to complete a group application for any of the processes.

For second-year room selection- no you do not need a full group to participate in the specific size suite room selection process. In the South Residential Village, you are able to fill in six-person suites with three and two-person groups. Groups of five will be able to fill in RA suites in the South Residential Village.

No.  During the lottery process, you may only be a part of one group at any given time.  Once you are added to a group, you will be unable to be added to another group until you are removed from the group you are currently a part of.

Times will be assigned after the group application deadline. Group leaders will receive an email notification with detailed information about the lottery. You can also view on MyHousing once the times are assigned.

Lottery times are set up in 2-minute intervals. Most groups select a suite/apartment in that amount of time. However, there could be more than one group choosing a space at the same time.

Yes, you do! Once you select your apartment, you will have 10 minutes to finalize the bedroom assignments. Once the 10 minutes have expired, the spaces will be added back into the lottery process.

Decide with your roommates ahead of lottery who wants to live in which bedroom.

For rising second year experience students, you are required to live on campus, unless you are commuting from the permanent address of your parent within 40 miles of campus.

For rising upper-class and current upper-class students, completing a housing application and signing a residence hall agreement indicates you wish to go through the room selection process and live on campus for the 2023-2024 academic year.  If you are unable to select a space through the room selection process, you will be able to submit a housing release request to cancel your housing application.

Students are required to be on a meal plan during their first and second year on campus.  Second-year students living in Greek housing are also required to be on the chapter meal plan or the university meal plan. 

For students in Upper Class Experience Housing, the meal plan is optional.