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Jonathan Adler

Jonathan H. Adler

Photo of Professor Jonathan Adler

Johan Verheij Memorial Professor of Law

Director, Coleman P. Burke Center for Environmental Law


  • MARIJUANA FEDERALISM: UNCLE SAM AND MARY JANE (editor) (Brookings Institution Press, 2020).


  • Delegation and Time (with Christopher Walker) was accepted for publication in the Iowa Law Review.
  • Redefining Waters of the United States, 42 (2) REGULATION 16 (Summer 2019).
  • Uncooperative Environmental Federalism 2.0, 71 HASTINGS LAW JOURNAL 1101 (2020).
  •  Delegation and Time (w/ Christopher J. Walker), 105 IOWA LAW REVIEW 1931 (2020).
  •  All the President’s Papers, 2019-20 CATO SUPREME COURT REVIEW (2020).


Jessica Berg, JD, MPH
Photo of Co-Dean Jessica Berg

Jessica Berg, JD, MPH

Dean, School of Law

Tom J.E. and Bette Lou Walker Professor of Law, School of Law

Professor, Department of Bioethics, School of Medicine

Professor, Department of Population and Quantitative Health Sciences


  • Berg J., “Informed Consent for Registries,” in Registries for Evaluating Patient Outcomes (AHRQ, 4th Edition, Forthcoming 2020)
  • Cave E. and Berg J., “Patient Autonomy, Consent and Capacity: Children” in Oxford Handbook of Comparative Law (2020)
  • Donnelly M. and Berg J., “Autonomy, Consent and Capacity: Adults” in Oxford Handbook of Comparative Law (2020) 

Media Mentions

Jessie Hill, JD
Jessie Hill, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Judge Ben C. Green Professor of Law

Jessie Hill, JD 

Judge Ben C. Green Professor of Law, School of Law

Associate Dean for Research and Faculty Development, School of Law


  • The Geography of Abortion Rights, 109 Geo. L.J.  (forthcoming 2021).
  • Essentially Elective: The Law and Ideology of Restricting Abortion During the COVID-19 Pandemic, 106 Va. L. Rev. Online (2020) (online essay).
  • Abortion Access in Ohio’s Changing Legislative Context, 2010-2018, Am. J. Pub. Health (2020) (with Alison H. Norris, Payal Chakraborty, Kaiting Lang, Robert B. Hood, Sarah Hayford, Lisa Keder, Danielle Bessett, Mikaela H. Smith, B. Jessie Hill, Molly Broscoe, Carolette Norwood & Michelle L. McGowan) (peer reviewed), doi:10.2105/AJPH.2020.305706. 
  • Neonatal Organ and Tissue Donation for Research: Options Following Death by Natural Causes, 21 Cell & Tissue Banking (2020) (with Martha Anderson, Stuart Youngner, Regina Dunne Smith, Raja R. Nandyal, Jeffrey P. Orlowski & Sarah Gutin Barsman), https://doi.org/10.1007/s10561-020-09822-7
  • The Deliberative Privacy Principle, 28 Wm. & Mary Bill Rts. J. 407 (2019).

Amicus Brief and Appellate Argument

  • Brief of Biomedical Ethicists Ruth R. Faden, Ph.D., M.P.H., et al., as Amici Curiae on behalf of Petitioners, EMW Women’s Surgical Center, P.S.C., et al., v. Meier (amici curiae brief in support of petition for certiorari) (filed Oct. 28, 2019 in the U.S. Supreme Court).
  • Argued Preterm-Cleveland v. Acton before the en banc U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit (March 11, 2020)


  • CWRU Law School Distinguished Research Prize, 2020


  • Quoted in Mayor: Curfew Stays in Place June 4, Weekend Decision Coming. Constitutional Rights in Play, Asheville Citizen Times (June 4, 2020)
  • Appeared on WKYC -TV to discuss the state of abortion rights in Ohio on the 47th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade (January 21, 2020)


Sharona Hoffman, JD, LLM, SJD
Co-Director of the Law-Medicine Center Professor Sharona Hoffman

Sharona Hoffman, JD, LLM, SJD

Edgar A. Hahn Professor of Law, School of Law

Co-Director, The Law-Medicine Center, School of Law

Professor, Department of Bioethics, School of Medicine



  • 2020 Jessica Melton Perry Award for Distinguished Teaching in Disciplinary and Professional Writing (awarded by Case Western Reserve University)

Media Mentions

Maxwell J. Mehlman, JD
Photo of Max Mehlman

Maxwell J. Mehlman, JD

Arthur E. Petersilge Professor of Law, School of Law

Distinguished University Professor

Director, Law-Medicine Centers, School of Law

Professor, Department of Bioethics, School of Medicine


  • Genetics:  Ethics, Law and Policy (5th ed. Thompson West) (with Mark Rothstein and Sonia Suter)
  • “Compulsory Immunization Protects Against Infection: What Law and Society Can Do” Journal Pathogens and Immunity (with Michael Lederman)
  • “History Shows No Good Way to Ration Lifesaving Care” Columbus Dispatch, March 28, 2020. 
  • “The Haves, Have-notes, and the Will-nots,” Hastings Center Report, July-August 2019, 42-43 (reviewing New Methuselahs: The Ethics of Life Extension by John Davis). 


  • Talk on Ethical Issues in Military Genomics, Federal Precision Medicine Technical Exchange, Air Force Research Laboratory, Washington D.C., Sept. 4, 2019 
  • Zaremski Forum on Governing Non-Traditional Biological Experiments, Feb. 4, 2020 
  • CWRU School of Medicine Bioethics Department Works in Progress on Predictive Genetic Testing in the Military, May 20, 2020
Katharine Van Tassel
Katharine Van Tassel

Katharine Van Tassel 

Visiting Professor of Law, The Law-Medicine Center, School of Law


  • International Encyclopaedia of Laws: Medical Law, United States of America (Wolters Kluwer - Kluwer Law International, 2020) 
  • Supplement, Food and Drug Administration (4th ed., 2014) (Thomson Reuters) (Spring, 2020) (with James T. O’Reilly)


  • Invited Panelist, Civil Rights and Equity in the Delivery of Medical and Public Services During the COVID-19 Pandemic in Ohio, Ohio Advisory Committee to the United States Commission on Civil Rights


  • Are Nanoparticles the New Asbestos? Environmental Health and the Law Symposium, Case Western Reserve University School of Law (March, 2020) 
  • The Growing Consumer Exposure to Nanotechnology in Everyday Products: Regulating Innovative Technologies in Light of Lessons from the Past by Creating a “Public Health Product Safety Net,” The City Club of Cleveland (September, 2019)


  • Reappointed, Co-Chair of the Food & Drug Law Committee of the Administrative Law Section of the American Bar Association (since 2011)

Case Citations

  • The Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals citation to Food and Drug Administration (4th ed., 2014) in Kaiser v. Johnson & Johnson. 


  • Medina Business Executive Says Masks Can Save Lives and Protect Ohio's Economy, The Sound of Ideas - NPR (July 15, 2020) 
  • Zantac Contamination Concerns: Has Drug Been Recalled and Chances of a Class Action Lawsuit? Newsweek (October 2, 2019). 
  • Hahnemann Residency Program Sale Approved by Bankruptcy Judge in Controversial Decision, Philadelphia Inquirer (September 5, 2019).