Faculty Reaching for Academic Medical Excellence

FRAME (Faculty Reaching for Academic Medical Excellence) is offered to all full time junior faculty (i.e., instructors, senior instructors and assistant professors).  Women and minority faculty are strongly encouraged to apply.  FRAME provides participants with the tools and time for individualized career self-reflection; a list of campus resources to support one’s work; guidance and insights from university leaders; and the opportunity to build a cohort of colleagues within the School of Medicine. 

The program consists of seven half-day sessions, including two individualized one-hour coaching sessions with a Board Certified Coach. The curriculum includes activities in the following areas:

  • Articulating your values and defining individual success
  • Navigating and working within the culture of academic medicine
  • Developing a career vision and career action plan
  • Balancing work-life integration and maximizing effective time management to avoid burnout
  • Learning best practices in networking, mentoring, sponsorship
  • Identifying campus resources for working with students, honing presentation and teaching skills, and utilizing library resources
  • Advancing your academic career (tenure-track and non-tenure track)
  • Successfully managing an effective team (i.e., lab, project management)
  • Developing research and grants management skills to ensure future success
  • Working with diverse teams
  • Understanding micro-aggressions and unconscious bias
  • Improving your communication skills (e.g., writing)
  • Mapping future steps on the leadership journey


Session I August 23, 2024:  Who You Are in the Larger Context

Session II September 20, 2024: Defining Success and Developing a Plan

Session III October 25, 2024: Connections, Internal and Extern

Session IV December 13, 2024: Teaching and Presenting

Session V January 10, 2025:  Academic Advancement and Scholarship

Session VI February 14, 2025: Teams and Inclusive Excellence

Session VII March 14, 2025: Onward to the Future 

Classes are selected with an emphasis on diverse faculty with respect to gender, race, ethnicity, and institutions.  There is a $450 fee to participate in this program. CMEs are available. 

The 2024-2025 program includes 7 half day sessions that will run from August, 2024 through March, 2025.  The program also includes two coaching sessions with a Board Certified Coach. Applications for the 2024-2025 program are being accepted from May 9th through June 21st.