Guidelines for participating in CWRU’s FLEX program are simple but demanding. Applicants must be prepared to commit time and energy to get an optimal outcome.

Q: Who is eligible?

A: Women who hold a faculty appointment at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine are eligible for FLEX training.

Women medical professionals and scientists with appointments in CWRU affiliated institutions (VA Medical Center, MetroHealth, University Hospitals, Cleveland Clinic) who are interested in applying but not yet faculty at CWRU School of Medicine, an additional cohort may become available, please contact

Q: How do I apply?

A: Applications for the FLEX program are being accepted July 31st-August 28th. 

Please submit the following three (3) documents as PDF files to your application in REDCap:

  1. Letter of Support from Chairman or Division ChiefThe letter must contain a commitment to allow the applicant time off from regular duties and assignments to attend the mandatory meetings and coaching sessions. These will include six (6) full-day sessions, plus two (2) one-hour individual coaching sessions.

  2. Letter of Intent: Please provide a brief synopsis of how you believe FLEX will benefit you, why you have chosen to apply now, and how participation in the program might benefit your department or school.

  3. A current copy of your Curriculum Vitae

A note about applications: We are looking for applicants to provide thoughtful, personal responses about your own experiences. Our questions are designed to help show applicants’ motivation for being in the program, level of commitment to the university, and communication skills. We do not intend to share information with your Chair, Chief, or Dean. All application materials will be available to the review committee in order to select participants. The information in the electronic application form will be aggregated and de-identified before the program coaches and program leaders will have access to it. The program coaches will assess the information to tailor the curriculum to fit the unique needs of each class.  FLEX leadership will use anonymous information to report on the status of women faculty at the School of Medicine, but all identities will remain confidential. Your career plan will be yours to adapt and refine as the program progresses.

For those who are not current CWRU Faculty interested in applying, an additional cohort may become available, please contact 

Q: What is the cost?

A: For those who fit the criteria and eligibility for FLEX and are selected, CWRU SOM will subsidize the cost of the program for participants. The tuition cost to participants is $2500 for the program, comprising approximately 6 days of workshops, relevant reading materials, and interactive sessions.

Q: What does Chair Sponsorship mean?

A: In the application process, you must provide a letter from your Chairman or Division Chief allowing you the time off from regular duties and assignments to attend mandatory classes and coaching sessions.

Q: What is a vision statement?

A: The optimal desired future state - the mental picture - of what you want to achieve over time; it provides guidance and inspiration as to what you are focused on achieving in five, ten, or more years.