2019-2020 participants in the FLEX Leadership program hail from medical institutions around Cleveland, which are affiliated with Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine. Many are Associate and Assistant Professors who have secondary appointments at CWRU. They participate to gain tools that help them pursue leadership positions in healthcare/academia.

Last Name First Name Degree Rank Department Institution
Armstrong-Brine Melissa PhD Asst. Professor Clinical Psychology MHMC
Arruda M. Janine MD Assoc. Professor Pediatrics UHCMC
Bifano Abby PhD Project Staff Research Regulatory  CCLCM
Bowersox Natalie MD, MS Asst. Professor Women's Health Institute CCLCM
Conroy Britt MD, PhD, JD, MS Asst. Professor Family Medicine/Urology UHCMC
Flyckt Rebecca MD Asst. Professor OB/GYN UHCMC
Fowler Nicole MD Asst. Professor Head & Neck Surgical Oncology UHCMC
Hardesty Christina MD Asst. Professor Orthopaedic Surgery & Pediatrics UHCMC
Harris Eleanor MD Professor Radiation Oncology UHCMC
Harth Karem MD, MHS Asst. Professor Vascular Surgery UHCMC
Katz Tyler MD Asst. Professor OB Hospitalist UHCMC
Kondapaneni Meera MD Asst. Professor Cardiology MHMC
Lindenmeyer Christina MD Asst. Professor Gastroenterology CCLCM
Mackall Judith MD Assoc Professor Cardiac Electrophysiology UHCMC
Milgram Laura MD Assoc Professor Pediatric Pulmonology CCLCM
Ohliger Shelley MD Asst. Professor Anesthesiology UHCMC
Pappas Rita MD Asst. Professor Medical Operations CCLCM
Plow Ela PhD, PT Asst. Professor BME, Neurology CCLCM
Reddy Anita MD, MBA Asst. Professor Quality Officer, MICU CCLCM
Rodgers McCormick Megan DO Asst. Professor Pediatric Anesthesiology UHCMC
Roy Aparna MD, MPH Asst. Professor Peds Quality Assurance MHMC
Sawlani Komal MD Asst. Professor Neurology UHCMC
Sreedharan Roshni MD Asst. Professor Anesthesiology CCLCM

UHCMC = University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center

MHMC = MetroHealth Medical Center

VAMC = Veterans Affairs Medical Center

CCLCM = Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine

CWRU SOM = Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine