Purchase Policies

At Sears think[box], fees are associated with the use of many of our tools and machines in order to cover the cost of materials. Please be aware of the policies in place relating to the purchase of materials. 


All supplies and services must be paid for before the material in question leaves Sears think[box]. We accept the following methods of payment:

  • Cash
  • Check - Make payable to "Case Western Reserve University"
  • Credit and Debit
  • CaseCash
  • Speedtype - May not be used for purchases less than $10.
  • Account - Contact thinkbox@case.edu for information regarding Accounts.

Returns, Refunds and Errors

Supplies that are unused, unopened and/or undamaged may be returned to Sears think[box] for a complete refund. 

In the event that think[box] supplies or services were defective or produced defective results, please notify a staff member or student technician who can assess the situation. If think[box] is found to be responsible for the defective result (i.e. equipment malfunction or warped materials), the supplies or services in question are eligible for refund or replacement. Defective results must be returned to think[box] for refund or replacement, otherwise they must still be paid for before leaving the facility.

If Sears think[box] is not found to be responsible for the defective result (i.e. a bad result due to failure to follow instructions or a design inconsistent with equipment specifications), the services or supplies in question are not eligible for refund or replacement and they must still be paid for.

Quotes will not be provided for supplies and services at Sears think[box].