Welcome Fund

Two students, a woman and a man, work with tools in a shop setting.

Never visited Sears think[box] before or have yet to work on a project? CWRU undergraduate and graduate students can join us for the opportunity to receive up to $50 of materials for use on a personal project at the time of purchase covered by the Sears think[box] Welcome Fund (while funding lasts). 


Open to undergraduate and graduate students from Case Western Reserve University, the Welcome Fund supports the following:

  • Material purchases for personal projects to be completed at think[box] at the time of purchase
  • 3D printing for personal projects ordered from think[box]
  • Waterjet Cutter time for personal projects

Please note the fund does NOT support groups, clubs, teams, or projects related to funded research.

How to Use

To use the Welcome Fund, all you have to do is visit us during our open hours and let a Student Technician know when purchasing materials or orders that you’d like to use the Welcome Fund.

Need help getting here? Check out directions to Sears think[box]. If you’re planning to use equipment on the Fabrication floor, make sure you come wearing closed-toed shoes, long pants, and short sleeves for safety! To use the Welcome Fund with our 3D Printing Services (Industrial FDM and PolyJet printers), select "Welcome Fund" as your payment method when filling out the order form.

Recommended Projects

Below are some sample projects for which you might use the Welcome Fund as well as where in think[box] you’ll be able to get started and the relative difficulty of the project: 

Project Where to Start Time to Start
Photo-Engraved Wood Coasters Laser Cutters (Floor 3) < 1 hour
Customized Acrylic Valentine’s Day Heart Laser Cutters (Floor 3) < 1 hour
Animal/Game Character Figurine 3D Printers (Floor 3) < 1 hour
Pencil Cup Wood Shop (Floor 4) 1-2 hours
Custom Wooden Door Sign Wood Shop (Floor 4) 2+ hours
Customized Chocolate Tray Holder Wood Shop (Floor 4) 2+ hours

Laser Cutter Sample Projects

3D Printing Sample Projects

Frequently Asked Questions

Anything you’d pay for at the Prototyping (Floor 3) or Fabrication (Floor 4) front desks. This includes things like 3D Printing Services, as well as time on the Waterjet Cutter. You can find a full list of all materials available for purchase here.

If you’re a CWRU undergraduate or graduate student, email us at thinkbox@case.edu and we’ll help clarify for you!