Button Maker

A button maker

Create buttons with custom graphic designs by sealing a printout between Mylar and a button shell using the button maker at Sears think[box].

How to Start

  1. Prepare your design with your preferred 2D design software. (Not sure how? Check out our instructions on how to learn to use 2D design software). 
  2. Bring your design to Sears think[box] where you can format/print your design and create your buttons

Materials and Supplies

We stock the shell, pinback, and clear Mylar cover required to create buttons. Up to 20 buttons may be made free, after which there is a charge of $0.25 per button. Printing graphic designs onto paper is also available on Floor 3 - Prototyping. 

American Button Machine Technical Information

  • Button Diameter: 1.5 inches
  • Maximum Displayed Image Diameter: 1.375 inches
  • Design Cut Diameter: 1.837 inches